All our colleagues at Hayleys Consumer collectively hosted a successful ‘Sales Conference and Brand Launching event,’ held at the Amaya Lake, Dambulla on the 6th and 7th of June, 2022. With the proactive presence of more than 200 employees the eventful day held a series of sessions that were organized to motivate and recognize the achievements of our very own at Hayleys Consumer.
Amongst the day’s proceedings, the agenda gave the opportunity to discuss the upcoming plans and strategies set afoot for our brands. As we look towards the future of reaching greater standards, the past journey filled with obstacles has helped us learn and grow as a company to evolve accordingly. To continuously drive excellence, many factors came together as stepping stones; mainly our employees. To forward our gratitude to each and everyone’s dedicated work, our colleagues were rewarded respectively.
This annual sales conference was followed by the brand launch of Mabroc and Govi Aruna to pave the way for the upcoming improvements and vibrance of the brands.
Mabroc; a premium selection of Ceylon tea that offers the world’s finest tea, began as a dream for a small group of Sri Lankan tea enthusiasts. Our Ceylon tea is currently grown in 7 different eco- systems, with a broad spectrum of flavours and taste. Enhancing the local flavours, the prominent range under our consumer products is, Govi Aruna. In Sri Lanka among an array of products, one that holds a true offering with all natural and organic goodness; Govi Aruna. Bringing forward products such as spices and oil that gives an aromatic flavour to the food.
In the coming days, both these products are planned to be revived with a new facelift in terms of packaging. And redesigning in a distinctive way to capture the favour and be more suitable to provide better customer satisfaction.
‘’Revolutionizing our consumer’s experiences by the enhancement of our brands’’
To lighten up this annual event we had a lively entertainment segment that coloured up the night with a vibrant session, featuring Senaka Batagoda and the team of 2FORTY2 music.