Nourishment, taste and aura; factors sought after, in a perfectly brewed cup of tea.
When we talk of tea, it is almost customary that we take a spin around the globe and approach the pearly isle-country of Sri Lanka. A sparkling land, rich in colourful flavours, tradition, culture, and vibrantly fruitful estates across its plains, and holds a distinguished popularity as a health-beneficial beverage across the world.
As we read on about the prideful and historically prosperous culture of tea in Sri Lanka, we come across James Taylor, a Scottish tea planter, who was the individual to introduce tea to British-Ceylon.Posed a wonderful point of view about Sri Lanka, as he pioneered in shaping a new industry in Ceylon, by dedicating his efforts and hard labour towards establishing tea plantations in the country. James Taylor had famously stated that…
“The ecological landscape in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is very good for the production of high quality tea.”
…being a firm believer of Sri Lanka’s naturally gifted climatic and environmental presence. Since then, this has given a fresh start to the art of tea plantations within Sri Lanka.
Among the many facts about tea, there are many rather uncommon facts you may not know about the varieties of tea. So let’s stir up a hot cup of freshly brewed tea and kick back to explore the marvelous nature of this humble yet revered beverage.
Teas are divided into a variety of selections and fall into different categories according to the quality of the tea leaves that we use on a daily basis. Among them ‘OP, BOP, and BOPF’ varieties hold a special place in the market.
– Tea made with powdered or made with halved tea leaves is known as ‘OP tea category’ or ‘Orange Pekoe’, the bitter taste deliverance of this tea is very low.
– ‘Broken Orange Pekoe’ or ‘BOP tea’ is a tea powder that is made to maintain a balanced bitter taste.
– ‘Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings tea’ or ‘BOPF tea’ seems to be smaller than the above-mentioned BOP range and has a more bitter taste than the selection of BOP tea.
Why Mabroc Tea?
When talking about the varieties of tea, Mabroc Tea holds quite a special spot as a renowned tea brand in the international market as well as in the local market of Sri Lanka. Hayleys stands firmly in the belief that Mabroc teas are a world-renowned BOPF tea brand, while persevering to stay true to the title. Mabroc Tea is produced in a manner that is superior to the content quality of BOPF and also gained positive recognition as a leading tea brand in a number of countries, whilst reaching out to a vast extent of countries near and far.
Our exclusive selection of Mabroc Tea offers a flavourful and aromatic experience with which we have excelled in giving a rejuvenation to anyone who delights themselves with every sip of Mabroc’s flavoursome presence.
With such a reputation, this array of tea by Mabroc has a special place in foreign and local markets, because it has firmly rooted its presence and certainly belongs to the Premium BOPF tea category. As an addition to its well-reputed characters of holding a flavourful aroma, the tea leaves used in curating the perfect brew of Mabroc tea are being harvested by Hayleys, utilizing the group’s very own tea estates, whilst sharing the best tea leaves in order to carry out the production. It is self-regarding to also acknowledge that Mabroc’s tea gardens have been privileged to be certified by the Rainforest Alliance whilst conforming to HACCP. It is a great feat to accept that all our plantations have been verified to show adherence towards quality standards in the likeness of ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008, along with stringent internationally recognised standards. Another unique aspect for the brand name of Mabroc, is the great feat of using no addition of artificial colouring in the production of its ‘well sought after’ teas.
Staying true to our primary use of all-natural elements to bring in the pure essence of our teas, Mabroc has specialised in delivering quite a distinctly refreshing touch to our signature flavoured teas to offer you a dash of, ‘Winter Berry-black tea’ and ‘Minty Lemon-green tea’.
Along with the pride of producing tea by our very own plantations, we uphold the guarantee of an unprecedented premium standard of freshness and flavor in your daily cup of refreshing tea, made with Mabroc, the brand which produces the finest range of pure Sri Lankan teas, to give you that delectable experience of the islands authentic essence with each stir.